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This new programme of music-making invites your young people to widen their horizons within music making; In this case brass including Trumpet and Trombone. By having access to internationally recognized brass and music facilitation specilists, all members of the 30-piece ensemble will have the chance to:

Discover hidden talents (for those with little/no prior experience) or improve musical/instrumental technique.

Join a new network of driven young artists aged 5-12.

Make an impact as the pioneers of a legacy of youth-led Brass playing in the local area (primarily Saddleworth and Tameside).

Explore new processes in music making (composition, band leadership, improvisation and performance) to complement existing music provision in the area.

Complement national curriculum and graded music examination syllabuses.

Have the opportunity to complete an Arts Award.


We are passionate about giving the next generation opportunities to develop as musicians and as active members their own community; as educators and leaders, we know you are too.

We ask that you forward the information to your young people, put up a poster, tell your students, mention it in assembly, whatever fits best with how you communicate with your young people.

We know that the education and community engagement professionals of our local schools and community initiatives are as excited as we are about playing a part in kick-starting a new music-making community in our area, and allow as many young people as possible the chance to be involved.

We are keen to arrange a meeting with your organisation or school to see how our work can benefit your young people. We invite you to contact us.

Bangdrum CIC

Our team appreciate the value and importance of making partnership links with schools, arts organisations, and arts professionals both locally and around the UK. We regularly work within schools, colleges, and communities to provide tuition, one-off workshop experiences, and youth leadership development programmes. This new programme of work is designed to complement existing local music provision whilst providing a new outlet for youth-led initiatives out of school hours.

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