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This project comes hot on the heels of Bangdrum’s four years of intensive work with young people in Tameside through Youth Music funded projects Vale Music Ensemble and the Incredible Plastic Street Band. Our understanding of local gaps in support has deepened via conversations with young people and colleagues:

“Being involved with Bangdrum projects and helping out at The Vale has been fantastic… But for me and my friends to perform, or hear bands, it still means a trip into Manchester. I can do that occasionally, now I’m older, but it’s not possible for teenagers in Tameside.” Noah, previous Bangdrum participant.

“It’s really hard to get experience with engineers at gigs. They’re always in bars or pubs, often central Manchester. No one really wants to take the time to show you (sometimes they say they can’t, if you’re under 18yrs). I’d love to be involved in a venue which was really open to young people; not to feel like someone was doing me a favour.” Jamie, student from Tameside, 17yrs.

Take a look at the Vale Music Ensemble documentary here